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Item C-7 Item C-8 Item C-9
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Item CB-20 Item CB-21
Item CB-22
Item CB-23 Item CB-24 Item CB-28
Item CB-29 Item CT-1 Item CT-2
Item CT-3 Item CT-4 Item CT-5
Item CT-6 Item CT-7 Item CT-8
Item CT-9 Item CT-10 Item CT-11
Item CT-12 Item CT-13 Item CT-14
Item CB-1 Item CB-2 Item CB-3
Item CB-4 Item CB-5 Item CB-6
Item CB-7 Item CB-8 Item CB-9
Item CB-10 Item CB-11 Item CB-12
Item CB-14 Item CB-15 Item CB-16
Item CB-17 Item CB-18 Item CB-25
Item CB-26 Item CB-27 Item CB-30
Item CB-31 Item CB-32 Item CSST-01
Item CSST-02 Item CSST-03 Item CSST-04
Item CSST-05 Item CSST-06 Item CT-15
Item CT-16 Item CT-17 Item CT-19
Item CT-20 Item CWT-01 Item CWT-02

We are now the LARGEST Architectural Salvage Company
in the southeastern United States.

ONE FABULOUS location to serve you better:

allison’s Adam & Eve
528 16th Street
West Palm Beach, FL 33407

4 Blocks North of PALM BEACH LAKES BLVD.
on US-1 (DIXIE HWY.) at 16th Street and 2 Blocks West

Store Hours

9 – 3:30 Monday thru Saturday
Closed Sunday

Call Jerry at 561-582-2224
or 561-655-1022

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