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allison's Adam & Eve

Architectural and Antique Salvage

Press Release
allison's Adam & EveEastside Inventory
Architectural & Antique Salvage Expands

Eastside Antique Market & Architectural Depot joins
allison's Adam & Eve Architectural & Antique Salvage

West Palm Beach, Florida
November 22, 2010


Ray and Barby Oktavec's Eastside Antique Market and Architectural Depot (ESAM) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida has merged the inventory from its 10,000 sq. ft. store with allison's Adam & Eve Architectural & Antique Salvage in West Palm Beach, Florida. What makes this very exciting for allison's Adam & Eve is the Eastside Antique Market has won several awards for its excellence in the architectural salvage and antique business, including being voted "Best Ornamental Salvage in Broward and Palm Beach Counties" and "Best Antique Shop in Florida".  ESAM's addition to Adam & Eve's already expansive inventory is extraordinary.

Without a doubt this partnership makes allison's Adam & Eve one of the foremost, if not the largest and most unique, Architectural Salvage businesses in the country.  Adam & Evehas three plus acres of architectural salvage and amazing treasures. ESAM's addition features iron product from all over the world which includes an enormous selection of garden, driveway, and estate gates, and also lots of iron fragments for wall decorations.ESAM's inventory has also expanded Adam & Eve's already substantial selection of statuary, urns, unique doors, patio and wrought iron furniture, stained glass windows and doors, and unique miscellaneous treasures.

  Eastside InventoryEastside InventoryEastside Inventory


Another exciting feature that ESAM brings to Adam & Eve is a product category called"Industrial Chic".  "Industrial Chic" is industrial and mechanical elements combined with rustic reclaimed wood to create reinvented, redesigned and reborn objects of beauty.  The products include: unique light fixtures, sconces, chandeliers, coffee tables, side tables, console tables, dining tables, wall décor, mirrors, objects of art, and from time to time much more to intrigue your curiosity by gazing at our repurposed beauties of the past and trying to figure out what their past life was.

Eastside Inventory

Eastside InventoryEastside Inventory


To all our customers of both ESAM and Adam & Eve from all over the country, near and far, wait till you see the merger of our inventories!!  To those of you who have never been to either or both of our locations we are now a must see destination!!  Be sure to wear comfortable attire and your tennis shoes so you can take it all in. You will be very impressed.  Finally, we recognize the state of our regional and national economy and our prices have never been sharper. We try to make every purchase work for you.

Mickey, Paul, Tim, Ray and Barby all look forward to seeing you at allison's Adam & EveEastside InventoryArchitectural and Antique Salvage. 

Please bring your friends and make a day of it.

Email address:

528 16th Street, West Palm Beach FL 33407

                                           W: 561 655 1022    C: 561 670 7590

 Eastside InventoryEastside InventoryEastside Inventory
allison's Adam & Eve
an architectural & antique salvagecompany
allison's Adam & Eve
an architectural & antique salvagecompany

We are now the LARGEST Architectural Salvage Company
in the southeastern United States. 

allison’s Adam & Eve
528 16th Street
West Palm Beach, FL 33407

4 Blocks North of PALM BEACH LAKES BLVD.
on US-1 (DIXIE HWY.) at 16th Street and 2 Blocks West

Store Hours
9 – 3:30 Monday thru Saturday
10 - 4 Sunday thru 5/2/2010

Call  561-655-1022
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