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Victorian Chandelier
Mizner Iron Chandelier
victorian chandelier
victorian chandelier
set of 4 crystal sconces Victorian Sconce pair
Item FI-001
Victorian Chandelier
Item FI-002
Mizner Iron Chandelier
Item FI-003
Victorian Chandelier
Item FI-004
Victorian Chandelier
Item FI-007
Crystal Sconces - 4 avail
$700 each
Item FI-006
Victorian Sconce
$550 pair
victoria secret blown glass chandelier worth ave palm beach fl, signed late 19th century oriental style cabinet
large leafed mirror
vintage rosa red marble wishing well Late 19th century tilt-top table
19th century copper clad pulpit with top
Item FI-005
Blown Glass Chandelier signed from Victoria's Secret Worth Ave Palm Beach, Florida
Item FI-008
Late 19th Century Oriental Style Cabinet
Item FI-009
Large Leafed Mirror
74x40 in
Item FI-042
Vintage Rosa Red Marble Wishing Well
Item FI-011
Late 19th Century
Tilt-top Table
Item FI-017
19th Century Copper-clad Pulpit w/Top
19th century child carriage
20th Century 3-drawer dresser
side view of 3-drawer dresser
cast iron eagle
19th century urn w/pedestal
large metal chandelier
Item FI-018
19th Century
Child Carriage
Item FI-019
20th Century 3-drawer Dresser - 28x34 in.
Front & Side view
Item FI-021
Cast Iron Eagle

Item FI-022
19th Century Urn w/pedestal
Item FI-023
Large Metal Chandelier
iron tea cart
Plater Capital
vintage wardrobe steamer trunk
cypress moroccan entry door
galleried marble top table
bamboo hexagon table
Item FI-024
Iron Tea Cart
Item FI-026
Extra Large Architectural Plaster Capital
Item FI-027
Vintage Wardrobe
 Steamer Trunk
Item FI-029
Cypress Moroccan
Entry Door
Item FI-030
Galleried Marble-top table
Item FI-031
Bamboo Hexagon Table
stained glass windows
mizner dade county pine architectural doors
coral pedestals
mizner moroccan door
cast stone urns
iron entry gates
Item FI-033
Stained Glass Windows
 5ft diameter - 2 avail
$3800 each
Item FI-034
Mizner Dade County Pine Architectural Doors 8x8 ft
Item FI-035
Coral Pedestal - 6 avail
$750 each
Item FI-037
Mizner Moroccan Door
Item FI-036
Cast Stone Urns
46 x 24 in
$1250 pair
Item FI-038
Iron Entry Gates
iron entry gates
iron entry gates
Modern French Style Dresser
etched & beveled glass
etched & beveled leaded glass
etched & beveled leaded glass
Item FI-039
Iron Entry Gates
Item FI-040
Iron Entry Gates
Item FI-032
Modern French-Style Dresser
Item FI-002-1
Etched & Beveled Leaded Glass - 200 avail
$35 each
Item FI-002-2
Etched & Beveled Leaded Glass - 25 avail
$125 each
Item FI-002-3
Etched & Beveled Leaded Glass - 25 avail
$155 each
Iron Fire Back terracotta architectural element seated marble angel w/base architectural element
Item FI-043
Fire Back - 2 avail
$1500 each
Item FI-044
Terracotta Architectural Element
Item FI-045
Seated Marble Angel w/base
Item FI-046
Architectural Element -
 2 avail
$1250 each

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